What is coaching?

Coaching is a series of focused conversations. You decide at the start of each coaching conversation how you’d like me, as your coach, to be with you (a sounding board, or devil’s advocate, for example) and we agree on an outcome for the conversation. As you talk, I listen to you, ask questions, and make observations, based on the outcome and the ‘how’ we co-created at the beginning. The outcome may change over time and / or you may need to use a session for something else entirely as life throws you a ‘curve ball’.

Coaching is not counselling, mentoring or advice-giving. It is not therapy, although it may feel therapeutic at times.

I use Clean Language as much as possible to remove my assumptions and opinions from the conversation so that you feel deeply heard and acknowledged. This allows you to find the answers you need within you and own the actions you create to increase your personal power.

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