6 for the price of 5

If you book and pay for five more sessions at the end of your first session, you’ll receive the first session free.

Why 6 coaching sessions? Six or more sessions gives us time to build and strengthen our coaching relationship, which becomes a supportive space for you to work on your value-led goals or outcomes. It’s a nice chunk of time to dedicate to something(s) specific in your life that you’d like to be different.

So, how much will five sessions cost? That all depends on you: how much can you afford? What price will create commitment to the process for you? You can pay me from £0¹ to £400 a session and we will discuss which price would best suit you.

Prefer a more standard price range? These packages could be for you:


2 coaching sessions per month plus unlimited² email contact: £150 per month


3 coaching sessions per month plus unlimited² email contact: £210 per month


4 coaching sessions per month plus unlimited² email contact: £270 per month

¹I operate this sliding scale as a way of making coaching inclusive, although it may not be the best solution to someone who is in dire straits.

²Subject to the following conditions: emails will be answered within 48 hours, unless an alternative strategy is agreed in advance; a fair usage policy applies.