photograph of Julia Fry

I’m Julia Fry, founder of itcamefromnowHere. On this site you’ll find tools for coaching yourself. Of course, the tools don’t compare to the diamond-point focus of a coach but they do go some way to creating self awareness so do take a look around and try them out.

As you use the tools, you might find your mind wanders a bit and that’s completely normal, if somewhat frustrating. One of the benefits of using a coach is: somehow the mind becomes very focused when another mind is focusing on it, so you get loads more insights and clarity than working alone. If you’d like to know more about my style of coaching, read on! If you’re here for the free tools only, I hope you get lots out of them!

My style of coaching is at the transformational / non-directional end of the coaching spectrum. My underlying belief is: you have the answers within you. I listen and ask questions that guide you to your own insights and solutions. Experience shows me you’re more likely to feel inspired to create and take actions based on your own answers than those directed at you by someone else.

P1190071I completed my training at Coaching Development, an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited trainer, in 2006 (if you’re interested to see the criteria for coaching accreditation, the ICF core competencies are here) and ran my Coaching Practice for four years. In 2010, I hung up my (velvet) coaching gloves to focus on my self-development (various forms of therapy). Despite being away from my Coaching Practice for seven years, I continued to use my coaching skills on myself, which is how I developed the art of self-coaching. As you can see from the photo, I like to have fun and challenge myself.

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