Powerful? Transformative? How we worked together to explore our inner resources

Participants at The Inner Resources Workshop practising Clean Language Questions

Without breaking confidence, which was one of the guidelines participants came up with (see photo below), we had a fab time at last Saturday’s Inner Resources Workshop! There was a “lovely atmosphere” in which attendees felt “safe” to learn and explore.

We defined how we would be together at the Inner Resources Workshop and these are the guidelines we adopted: kind, understanding, authentic, (quietly) passionate, patient, listening, attentive, respectful, honest, empathetic, nonjudgmental, and confidential.

We taught Clean Language Questions and all the participants felt the questions enabled them to listen deeply to others and discover new things about themselves. Everyone agreed the Resourceful State activity gave them a “simple and powerful” tool to use in the future for “changing attitude and beliefs”. In short, the workshop was experiential and “transformative”.

Would you like to come to the next one? You can get a ticket here: The Inner Resources Workshop on Saturday 25 November 2017.

All quotes come from feedback forms completed by the participants.

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