“Intention is attention focused in the direction of a choice.”*

The quote above nicely describes what coaching is. When you work with a coach, you receive the coach’s attention, focused on your intention, which somehow makes it easier for your mind to stay on track. Because it’s easier to stay on track, and with the input of the coach’s questions and observations, you can find internal information that helps you to create solutions or form experiments that you can do outside of the coaching session to gather more information.

“When you are at a rest stance, your choice is to focus your thinking processes on gathering information in preparation for the next challenge.”*

If you have a challenge coming up, or you’re unsure what your next challenge is and you’d like to explore options, you can use coaching; I can provide a supportive, non-judgmental thinking space for you to increase your awareness, explore options, form experiments and be accountable.

*Arno Ligner, Espresso Lessons from the Rock Warrior’s Way.
This is not an affiliate link; I bought the book as a rock climbing resource and I found the quotes transferred nicely to coaching.