Mind Games: mental training for women climbers

Are you a woman who loves climbing but fear often gets the better of you? It’s so frustrating to know that you have the ability but your fear keeps getting in the way, right?

Julia Fry completing her first indoor lead climb at Undercover Rock, Bristol   July 2017

I know how that feels. I’ve been climbing since January 2017; I loved it immediately and wanted to practice as much as I could. I climbed indoors and out, as a member of an all-female climbing club, Vertigirls, and with anyone it felt good to climb with. In September 2017 I fell off a bouldering problem and injured my ankle. It healed quickly and I was climbing again within 3 weeks but my fear became overwhelming and, sometimes, paralysing. I decided to research irrational fear and how to overcome it; I wrote a series of blog posts documenting my experiments and, as they became quite popular, I decided to turn them into training sessions that I could offer as a service. I am currently developing and testing Mind Games mental training and you can sign up for it (in the Brighton, Sussex area) here.

If you prefer one-to-one, rather than group work, I can offer you one-to-one life coaching sessions at the wall; noticing how you are whilst under stress at the wall can be really useful for working with change in your life because it gives you access to real-time stress (rather than talking about past events), how you handle it and opportunities for making tiny changes with knock-on effects in other areas of your life. Contact me for further info or if you have questions.

Best wishes, Julia Fry 🙂